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Utilizing An Embroidery Hoop With Cross Stitch

by Administrator

We think you will agree that when it comes to decorating your home the Master Bedroom and Bathroom should be focal points and will set the tone in your home. One of the elements that will enhance the beauty for these rooms resides in selecting the right beddings and towels. There is nothing more beautiful, rich, stately and inviting than fine, regal bed linens. Plush, thick, yet soft bath towels add the final touch!

Older needlepoint that was done entirely in Tent Stitch didn’t worry about this problem, so modern needlepoint that has the problem tends to look dated; today we go for a more realistic line and more elaborate stitches.

A hobby is something you enjoy and put time into on a regular basis. It could be collecting items or creating them. Your hobby should be whatever suits you and makes you happy. There are really no hard and fast rules. Some people have even managed to turn their hobbies into money making ventures. But, even if you do not want to do that, they can be very rewarding.

Older children can be put to work making place mats. This is a bigger decoration and the younger ones may not have the patience to see it through to the end. Take one whole sheet of plastic canvas and let them weave the different colors of yarn through the holes. Or teach them to do half stamped cross stitch kits for kids, the Continental Stitch, the same stitch uses in needlepoint and they can create quite a masterpiece. If they are weaving the yarn, you can leave a decorative fringe on the ends. This eliminates the need to tuck in a lot of loose ends and makes for a neater looking decoration. Let them use their imagination That is half the fun.

I started making my creations about 5 years ago after visiting a friend who was beading around a glass cabochon. My pieces were pretty simple at first but gradually I began to incorporate more and more bead embroidery in them. I had done quite a bit of needlepoint and cross-stitch so bead embroidery came pretty easily for me.

Another craft that uses quotations easily is rubber stamping. You can make many types of projects with rubber stamping. One of the top crafts you can make rubber stamping is to make cards. But you can also make tags, mini posters, ornaments, jewelry, fabric art, t-shirts. Using a quotation is a unique way to add something different to your rubber stamping.

Seed beads come in all different colours, pretty much any colour that you can imagine. Some of them are matt in colour and some have a shiny look to them. I have some beautiful seed beads that are clear ARC arts and crafts fair offers a variety of work for all on the outside and have a gold or silver centre, these look very impressive when made into a necklace or other piece of jewellery.

To ensure life long of your Pashmina shawl, it’s always best to wash it by hand in cold water with a low pH shampoo. Woolite products or dry-cleaning are meant for silk products and not for fine woolens like Pashmina. Drying a Pashmina shawl after a gentle washing involves hanging it over a curtain rod or on a flat surface and ironing it by covering it with a sheet of newspaper. To prevent moths from your Pashmina shawl, it should be stored in a covered metallic container with cloves wrapped in muslin.

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